Choosing Flooring for Your Kitchen? Here’s the Complete Guide!

Choosing Flooring for Your Kitchen? Here’s the Complete Guide!

Though flooring doesn’t get the attention it deserves, it acts in more than one way. One of the biggest surface areas you can find in a room is the floor, and Kitchen Design Mill Hill understands its role. Selection can be mind-numbing as you can find a variety of designs, textures, and models in the market. You should consider looks, ease of cleaning, safety, and durability. The floor should both complement and stand out from other kitchen equipment.


Kitchen Design Mill Hill provides a lot of options:

    – Variety in stones
    – Textures
    – Colors
    – Materials
    – Size

Selections also include hardwearing porcelains, stylish modern ceramics, slates, granites, and natural limestones. You should consult experts who have widespread knowledge about the products as not every tile, granite or marble suit all environments. Resealing needs to be done if you are planning to get natural stones as more pressure on the floor can disrupt the entire setup. Moreover, maintenance should not be optional and rather habitual as it can prevent accidents and increase longevity. It is better to avoid wood flooring in areas that are prone to getting wet.

The subfloor should be well prepared, otherwise, you will soon find movement and cracks. Leveling the compound is usually done by a tiler or builder if the floor isn’t smooth; you have the responsibility to let them know if it is not done well.

Finally, be sure to pay attention to health and safety and avoid flooring that is too slippery.

Place doormats near external doors – tip: opt formats of darker shades and avoid white/lighter ones.


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