Design Process

6 Steps closer to your luxurious new kitchen.

1. Book a home consultation with a designer (Fees Apply)

This will usually take 1 – 2 hours, during which the room will be accurately measured and you will be helped to produce a ‘wish list’ for your new kitchen. Possible budgets may also be discussed along with ideas that inspire you. We will also answer any questions that you may have. This consultation will give us the chance to create the perfect concept kitchen for you.

2. Visit our Design Studio to shortlist your choices.

At this point you will be shown a variety of door samples for you to choose from. You will also consider your appliances, worktops materials, accessories etc. We are an ‘Elite’ Studio for all Silestone and Dekton work surfaces. Steps 1 and 2 can happen in either order. If the property is a new build house then measurements can be taken off plans and checked on site before ordering.

3. Plans & Quotation are prepared.

We shall use all of our experience and feedback from the consultation to design your kitchen. We shall show you a complete illustration of the ‘first draft’ of your kitchen and also produce a quotation of the costs for your project.

4. Consultation

This is the area which we believe sets us apart from other kitchen design companies. Having produced a first draft of the design, we will sit down with you, talk through the design, and make any alterations with you present. Our very sophisticated CAD software lets you instantly see what effect your alterations will have on the kitchen. We don´t mind how many changes you make or how long it takes – it has to be right for you!

5. Manufacturing Process

Having made any changes to the design for your kitchen, we will order the many components needed to create the reality. Every kitchen we sell is made to order and delivery times range from 6 – 10 weeks. All our kitchens are designed here in London and made in Germany.

6. Installation

Our own fitters are experienced subcontractors who know the products well and will be happy to fit your new kitchen for you. Most have worked for us for a number of years and are well trusted by us. We are, however, happy to simply supply the kitchen so you can install it yourself and are always on hand to offer advice if needed.