Since its foundation as a joiner´s workshop in the 1930’s, Rempp Küchen is a third-generation family business passionate about producing high-quality yet functional furniture

12 Reasons why Rempp is the best;

  • Carcase side, bottom shelves and shelves 19 mm thick, back panel 8 mm thick
  • Drawers and pull-outs: Load bearing capacity 40 kg up to 60 cm width
  • Pull-outs: Load bearing capacity upt o 70 kg from 80 cm width
  • Drawers and pull-outs close softly thanks to soft-closure, high lateral stability
  • The drawers and pull-outs have straight inner sides to provide even more storage space
  • Wide range of finishes for fronts
  • 25 standard decors without surcharge
  • zeroSock: a unit solution without losing space in the plinth
  • Solid wood core plywood carcase available for a surcharge
  • First-class service
    • Competent field service support
    • Qualified order processing
    • Highly varied sales support
  • Variable carcase heights, widths and depths
    • individuel special designs
    • mitre solutions for doors and sides
  • Rempp: a family company since 1930