Select The Perfect Kitchen Worktop for You!

Select The Perfect Kitchen Worktop for You!

How important is it to have the perfect kitchen worktop? I mean, does it really make a difference? Is it actually the cherry on top? The quality of kitchen worktops in London has been a subject seriously pondered by interior designers during this year’s Decorex in Syon Park, London. Kitchens express your character, they illuminate your home and more importantly, they are always the talking point by your guests that just left after a Friday night dinner.

We are able to provide you with a wide range of worktops, ranging from everyone’s favorite granite surfaces to the more durable quartz ranges. Customers often ask whether reaching deeper in their pockets for a stone worktop is really worth it? What’s wrong with laminate worktops. They are low maintenance and low cost. Win-win! But just how many kitchens do you see in those beautiful glossy magazines and Instagram photos that are not made from stone?

The fact is that diversity in kitchen worktops in London is very impressive as the industry is growing like never before. There are endless options available when it comes to choosing different colors, patterns, and textures. Our experienced kitchen fitters have recently installed some very impressive 12.5mm ultra-thin compact laminate worktops. These are 100% waterproof allowing for under-mounted sink installations and drainer grooves. Now, these really are a cost-effective alternative to quartz or granite. These are not the laminate worktops some may remember from MFI in the 1990’s. The industry has developed a few tricks up their sleeve. You shall not be disappointed!

Interior designers have recently been introducing the industrial look with stainless steel and copper worktops, which are undoubtedly attractive but they can be scratched fairly easily and may react to chemicals and hot pans that have a high temperature, food and liquids, and so on. Stainless steel worktops are also fairly hefty in price, so one really has to make an informed decision.

However, how can I write a blog without mentioning natural granite surfaces? It’s like talking about cricket without Brian Lara, an absolute crime! Of all the granite surfaces, the Spanish take the cake with Cosentino. This family-owned company is truly the pioneers of high-quality granite. They have a range called Sensa. What is it? It is granite which ticks all the boxes!

Yes, it really does. It is completely stained resistant, no need for any maintenance and yields a very strong 15-year warranty. If you want to discuss your kitchen, whether it is an upgrade of an existing kitchen, or you have recently moved house and are shopping around. Please feel free to drop by.



Ali Sayed